Waste360 features us on Homepage

Waste360 features us on Homepage

Waste360 Features us on Homepage

“Using the app from Gopher Leads, the Hamilton District of Waste Connections of Canada has experienced an approximately 18 percent conversion rate from a lead to a closed customer.”
– Waste360

Today, we got coverage from one of the waste industry’s most prominent publications – Waste360. Ever since we started Gopher Leads, we’ve been reading the Waste360 newsletter and daily emails. They cover the most important industry news and present it very well for busy readers. We’ve got a lot of respect for Waste360!

To hear that today, they wrote an article about Gopher Leads in their newsletter certainly made for an exciting end to the month. The article covers the Hamilton District of Waste Connections success and their success story with Gopher Leads. We truly believe that Gopher Leads has amazing potential in the waste industry…It is great to see that Waste360 also sees the potential in us!

Here’s the link to the well-written article on Gopher Leads at Waste Connections: http://www.waste360.com/haulers/how-one-canadian-hauler-using-mobile-app-fetch-leads-road

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