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Gopher Leads makes it simple for your technicians and employees to provide your sales team with warm actionable leads instantly from the field. Now you can leverage the perfect timing and knowledge of your frontline to grow your company.

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Instantly Guarantee More Sales Leads

Unleash the eyes and minds of your employees. Whenever they see a sales opportunity it gets geotagged and submitted instantly for your sales team to act on.

Reward & Engage Your Team

Gopher Leads rewards your employees for generating the kind of leads only people on the frontline can dig up.

A Stronger, More Organized Company

Transform the way your company finds and closes new business. Our platform keeps everyone involved, allowing you to build a better company with stronger communication across all lines.

Fully Measured & Managed Campaign

Gopher’s real time analytics track your efforts so you can set and monitor goals. We manage your whole campaign so you can sit back and watch the leads pour in.

“Executives need to embrace the idea that many frontline workers can lead” – Harvard Business

See Exactly How Gopher Can Help

1. Technicians are the trusted, customer-facing personnel. When they install a new product or repair an existing one, they can promote other services and upgrades that your company offers. If there’s interest from a customer, the warm lead is tracked and submitted instantly to your sales team through Gopher Leads app!


2. Employees’ friend and family referral campaigns.  Everybody at your company can and will become a part of the growth initiative.  The company as a whole (sales, operations, accounting, finance, etc) will contribute to the revenue growth of the company.


3. B2B/Enterprise case: Associates and sources of leads for the enterprise accounts are tracked and taken care of through Gopher Leads. An enterprise account executive can source new leads through a Gopher Leads campaign by enabling a trusted network of lead referrers who are already in constant contact with potential clients  (for example, commercial building managers, professionals and advisors, etc).

Let us show you how Gopher Leads can work in your industry today!