Service Industry

Technicians, drivers, door-to-door reps, couriers, or RSR’s – we work with service companies so they get the most out of their people. Whether it’s an up-sell, new prospect, or service request, your frontline employees see a lot of opportunities.

With Gopher, workers are incentivized to send warm data instantly to sales. Build trust & efficiency between teams while allowing everyone to share the victory of acquiring new business.

We can work with anyone in the service industry!



At the end of the day, technicians are the trusted, customer-facing personnel. Not only can they promote other services and upgrades that your company offers, they are also constantly passing new opportunities every day.  If there’s interest from a client, they should have an easy way to send it instantly to sales.

Waste Hauling

Drivers are the foundation of any Waste Hauler. They see everything. New businesses opening, overflowing bins, competitors, up sell opportunities and much more. Rally your drivers with sales and densify your routes. You may even have to add a few!


Linen, Mat & Facility Services

Your Route Representatives (RSRs) are on the frontline of your business everyday. Imagine the amount of up sell/cross sell and new opportunities that they come across! Whether it’s mat’s, linen, dispensers, towels, etc…they know your customers needs and they can be a very powerful source of growth.

Delivery & Logistics

Your drivers spend all day on the road delivering your promise. Interactions with the customer allow them to spot frontline intelligence. These are opportunities that can help you grow your business smarter and faster. Not only do your drivers want to a way to share this growth, but now they can have a direct line of communication to your sales department.

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