Gopher has many powerful applications.

Revolutionizing the Service Industry

If you’re in the Service Industry, Gopher is the ultimate way to leverage your customer-facing employees! Technicians, drivers, door-to-door reps, couriers, or RSR’s – we work with service companies so they get the most out of their people.



Tired of collecting business cards? Not remembering info you come across at events?

 Gopher makes it easy for you to capture warm leads with context on the go.

The Power of Frontline Data

Imagine tapping into a network of people to deliver powerful data, instantly, right to your doorstep. The eyes and ears of everyone around you can now be used to crowdsource valuable information. This is what Gopher was made to do!


Companies and cities put drones in the sky and spend billions on intelligence, while they could actually use the amazing assets surrounding them – the people.


We encourage anyone looking to grow a business or build a database of intelligence to tap into the Gopher Leads program. Companies are using it to grow and cities can use it to collect infrastructure issues (see FixupTO).


Tap into the collective power of everyone around you!

Want to learn how a Gopher Leads program can work for you? Reach out to us today!