Improve sales using the people you know best.

Make it easy for your people to send back opportunities from the field. Frontline lead programs are common but often lack buy-in and accountability. Gopher is a fun and rewarding way for everyone to contribute to your pipeline. No more untracked pen & paper, messy call-ins or clunky software.

How It Works

All your employees send qualified leads back to Sales through our simple mobile app. At the tap of a button, the Gopher app engages everyone in your business to help you grow.

Send back leads with the address automatically captured (photo, voice note, and description optional). Faster than you can send a text message!

Employees can be incentivized and rewarded with cash all through the app (optional). They can also receive rewards at different stages of the deal cycle!

Employees track all their leads in one place. They can also communicate directly with Sales to help move things to the finish line. 


Share exactly what’s a good lead for your business right in the app. Now everyone can see exactly what you’re looking for and incentives.

Notifications and engagement are pushed instantly to your team members. This keeps everyone engaged on a program that does not fizzle out!

Delivered Instantly to Sales

Warm leads from the field get delivered right to Sales. They can begin the selling process. Any developments are reported back to the person who sent the lead. Let your frontline sales program live in one place.

  • Instant Communication
  • Easy Reward Tracking
  • Analytics
  • Reminders & Notifications
Create a powerful network of lead generators to grow your business.