Some proven results and case studies from small to established organizations. Explore below to see how Gopher Leads has helped several companies across different industries grow. A new approach, that will help your business soar to heights traditional methods cannot compete with.


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Purolator is Canada’s leading integrated freight and parcel solutions provider. To help develop frontline intelligence and grow their sales funnel they utilized the collective power of their couriers. Couriers used Gopher Leads to effectively deliver information to the sales team using Gopher Leads. Watch Video (results)

City West

CityWest provides Internet, TV, and phone services across the North. They rolled out a Gopher Leads pilot program which was deemed successful to launch company-wide in under 1 month! Read Case Study (results)


Telus is one of the largest telecommunication providers in Canada. They wanted to increase the number of leads in their sales pipeline by incentivizing their technicians. To do so they rolled out a Gopher Leads campaign to their Western district in early-2017. Read Case Study (results)

Waste Connections

Waste Connections is the 3rd largest solid waste company in North America. A division wanted to increase the number of leads in the top of their funnel. The program they ran focused on retaining customers and taking business from competitors in neighboring locations. Read Case Study (results)


ORCA develops, manufactures and markets a food waste solution, which consists of a machine that sustainably processes food waste, and an extensive service plan to ensure clients get the support and attention they need. Read Case Study (results)

Canada Fiber Ltd

Canada Fibers is an integrated environmental solution company. Their commitment is to help organizations improve sustainability by providing waste removal and recycling solutions. Read Case Study (results)

Forest Coatings

Forest Coatings is a distributor and applicator of waterproofing products and decorative coatings. Their waterproofing products are used in new construction, repair projects, underground garages, etc. They used Gopher to spot opportunities at street level. Read Case Study (results)

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