Good people are hard to find.

Make it easy for your people to refer qualified candidates. Employee referral programs are very common but often lack buy-in and transparency. Gopher is a fun and rewarding way for everyone to contribute to the recruitment process.

How It Works

All your employees send qualified candidates back to HR through our simple mobile app. At the tap of a button, the Gopher app engages everyone in your business to help you recruit.

Employees can be incentivized and rewarded with cash all through the app (optional). They can also receive rewards at different stages of the hiring process!

Employees track all their referrals in one place. They can also communicate with HR to provide further details and feedback. 

Share job postings and candidate descriptions right in the app. Now everyone can see exactly who you’re looking for.

Notifications and engagement are pushed instantly to your team members. This keeps everyone on the lookout for new hires.

Delivered Instantly to HR

Candidate referrals get delivered right to HR. They can begin the hiring process. Any developments are reported back to the person who referred them. Let your employee referral program live in one place.

  • Instant Communication
  • Easy Reward Tracking
  • Analytics
  • Reminders & Notifications
Find the people you’re looking for today.