Driver Safety Initiative

driver safety

Driver Safety Initiative

Driver safety is of paramount importance. This morning, we released exciting news coverage on our new Driver Safety Initiative! With a recent upgrade to our technology, Gopher Leads can now ensure road safety via intelligent driver safety features in our mobile app. Ever since we started Gopher Leads, our top concern has been driver road safety for users on the app. With the proliferation of smartphones, distractions on the road are becoming more and more prevalent. Anything Gopher Leads can do to help monitor and increase driver safety will be done. We invite partners and other app providers in the space to work with us towards making the roads a safer place for everyone.

Below is a small quote from the recent press release on our new initiative. Please read and share the full article here.

“Gopher Leads Inc. whose technology powers Driver Lead programs at waste hauling companies across North America, has released an upgrade to its platform and mobile apps which allows its clients to ensure higher road safety. The Gopher Leads mobile apps are now equipped with location-based safety intelligence to manage the app usage of drivers of a company. Using this feature, haulers can stipulate how the app used by their drivers should behave when unsafe movement is detected. Whether it is through presenting a warning or making the mobile application completely non-functional when the drivers are in motion above a safety limit.”

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