Optimize your CRM

Optimize your CRM

Proper sales management and technology (including CRM implementation) is part of building a stable foundation for your business. In order to grow your company, you must constantly be on the hunt for solid new business opportunities – these are your leads.  More importantly, it is how you manage and nurture these leads that translate into a lasting enterprise. This is why as a key decision maker you must choose an effective CRM tool.

Recently at Gopher Leads, we have refined our elegant and powerful CRM. It is our company’s main goal to keep your sales pipeline flowing with leads, but now we have perfected a place where you can manage these leads. At Gopher, we aim to optimize your whole sales process, encompassing lead generation and CRM into one effective platform.

With that said, I’d like to walk you through the path of a lead on the Gopher platform right from capture to close.

A Lead is Captured & Assigned
assignedA frontline user spots a solid business opportunity and submits it through the Gopher app. The lead is sent directly to a sales manager(or coordinator) who reviews and assigns it to a salesperson. At this point, the salesperson can start moving the lead through the Gopher CRM.

Sales Person Begins Qualifying the Lead
The assigned sales person begins working on the lead. This encompasses everything from an email, phone call, or business meeting. When a sales person makes their first attempt at contacting the lead they should change the lead status from “Assigned” to “Working” in the Gopher CRM.

A Proposal is Sent
proposal sent1A proposal outlining the business agreement is sent to the potential client. The sales persons now advance the lead’s current status to “Proposal sent” in the CRM.

Sales Person’s Work is Done
The proposal has been accepted by the client! At this point the sales person’s work is finished, they move the lead status to “Completed” and wait for the deal to be approved by a sales manager.

Deal Approval
closedwonThis is the last step of the sales funnel on the Gopher platform. When a sales person moves the lead status to “completed,” the deal is sent back to the manager or coordinator for approval. If the contract is approved, the manager can finish the sales process by moving the status to “Closed – Won.”closed lost

There you have it! All the way from capture to close Gopher has you covered.

For a more detailed understanding of Gopher’s lead generation and our unique CRM platform feel free to