New Features at Gopher Leads

New Features at Gopher Leads

With all the excellent feedback we have received from our beta clients, Gopher has undergone several stunning improvements.  The team at Gopher has been working hard on new features, bug fixes and overall maintenance to improve your Gopher Leads experience. We are excited to say that we have released new versions of the mobile app, as well as a new version of the Gopher leads sales platform. Below are just a few of the improvements and features that we have released in the latest version of Gopher.

The newest version of the Android app, v2.3.0, has been released to the Play Store and the Amazon App Store.  In this release, we have fixed several bugs and crashes that have been reported by our Android users, including the Gopher app no longer responding when you lose cellular connection. Also setting and resetting your PIN now tells you when your PIN and PIN confirmation do not match.   

We are also excited to be bringing back celebration messages to the Android app.  Now when you submit a lead and it gets closed by your sales team, an in app message will notify you for your great work!

In the past month, our focus has been on improving the speed and functionality of our iOS app. Our development team has done a full review of the app, analyzing and refactoring where it is possible.  We are proud to say the app runs faster than ever!

We have also improved the mobile apps geolocation services remarkably.  Our new geolocation algorithm compares several geo data points at once to obtain more precise results.  You can also take a saved picture from your phone’s camera gallery and Gopher will attempt to obtain the location in which you took that photo. Update to the newest version of the mobile app today to try these new features out!

For our sales users, we now offer quick ways to integrate Gopher with SalesForce and other CRM platforms.  If your company uses SalesForce, we can set up your Gopher account so that you can easily import your Gopher leads into your SalesForce account.  From there, you will be able to do everything in Gopher from SalesForce!  For more information, please contact us.

Moreover, you can now search for any lead by its address, description, comments, requested actions and even the reminders you place on it! If you can’t remember the exact address of the lead, or what a comment said, do not fret; our “fuzzy search ” algorithm will try to match your search to the most relevant lead.

Get started with Gopher today!  Learn more about Gopher at

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