How to Find and Retain Drivers

How to Find and Retain Drivers

“50% of Drivers leave Waste Companies to make more money”– Waste360

There is a serious driver shortage occurring right now. How to find and retain drivers, becomes a question for many. Haulers, Couriers, Delivery, Logistics, Linen, Facility, Mat and service companies are having a hard time finding let alone keeping solid talent. At the end of the day, drivers are the foundation of many service businesses. It is imperative for companies to evaluate how to find and retain drivers in an increasingly competitive market. In fact, a recent Hireright survey said that 59% of companies in the industry deem this as their top challenge.

“The average number of new drivers needed per year over the next 10 years is 96,178”Waste360

With a massive demand for driver talent and a low supply, a lot of companies are left scrambling.

The number one reason drivers are leaving is to make more money. Let’s face it, being a driver is a tough job and it takes a strong and flexible employee to fulfil this role. If they feel under-compensated or even appreciated why would they stay? Moreover, less and less of the youth are geared toward this type of career.

The are few new and innovative solutions businesses can deploy to overcome their dwindling driver roster. A more effective way that service companies can acquire and retain top talent is through an employee referral and rewards program

  1. When looking to attract new drivers, why not use the ones you already have. Setting up an easy way for your drivers to make cash for reporting back potential candidates is a great way to source eligible prospects for the role.
  2. When looking to retain your current drivers there are a few things to consider. The first being, they need to share the victory of growing the business. Give them an easy way to report back sales opportunities, or valuable data. They are at the foundation of your business and can usually spot the stuff that’s important. It’s all about making it easy, keeping them in the loop on the stuff they report, and last but not least, you guessed it incentivizing them for intel that pays off.

One of the founding principals of Gopher is to appreciate and nurture your frontline. Our campaigns have given drivers an opportunity to not only supplement their income but feel more connected to the team and business as a whole.

‘When you say “every member of our company makes a valuable contribution” you get to mean it and everyone gets a reminder, right in their bank account.’ – Managing Director, Gopher, Matt Leuschner

As demand rises and the workforce ages recruiting the best drivers has become very competitive. The inherent value of a driver referral and rewards program is that it can be used as a hiring tool. Drivers that know they will be appreciated and rewarded are much more likely to choose you as an employer. Drivers will immediately see the benefits of implementing a frontline intel program.

Take a look at the results companies like Waste Management and Purolator that are already using a rewards and referral program called Gopher.