Explore Gopher’s features, designed for better intel and a more effective team.

Everything your people need to contribute, in the palm of their hand.

Easy data capture (1)

Employees share valuable data with the team in seconds. The address is automatically geo-coded and they have the ability to take a photo or voice note.

Rewards & Incentives (2)

Employees can be engaged and rewarded with cash all through the app (optional).

Program Details (3)

A custom program tailored to your team shows them exactly what to look for and an outline of the program. 

Lead Tracking (4)

Employees track all their leads in one place and communicate with the team. 

Notifications (5)

Notifications and messaging pushed instantly to your people.

Phone home screen2

Complete oversight. Track and evaluate all your data effectively online.

  • Instant Communication
  • Reward Tracking & Payouts
  • Custom Stages
  • Value Tracking
  • Reminders & Task Management
  • Assign & Route Data
  • In-depth Search Options

Analytics allow you to measure your program in depth and gain valuable insights.

  • Team Performance Tracking
  • Conversion Rates
  • Timeline Based Analytics
  • Measurable ROI
  • Easy Data Export

Quick and easy to launch. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

A dedicated Gopher rep will help onboard, train and manage your program. We reach out to everyone on your campaign to ensure success.

Our sleek admin console will allow you to add users and tweak your campaign in seconds. 


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