Gopher Leads Helps CityWest Rally Employees to Increase Sales by Making Referrals Easy

CityWest provides a superior customer experience to their customers across the North, who subscribe to Internet, TV, and phone services. They employ over 80 people in Prince Rupert, Terrace, Kitimat, and Smithers, who connect over 15,000 local residences and businesses to the world.

CityWest wanted to increase the number of leads in their sales pipeline by giving their employees an easy way to capture opportunities. They rolled out a Gopher Leads pilot program which was deemed successful to launch company-wide in under 1 month!

Key Objectives

• Increase sales through an easy to use mobile app for technicians
• Sell more new services to existing customers (upsell/cross-sell)
• Help teams communicate and close deals faster
• Have a place to track, manage, and measure opportunities

CityWest Results

Score Card & Findings

• 42.4% Sales conversion rate from lead capture to new won business in under 2 months

• Platform ease of use and transparency improved communication between teams

• Faster sales engine – Average close time: 127 hours, Fastest close time: 4.5 hours, From the frontline to action by sales: 2 hours

• 60% of staff actively sent leads within the first 15 days of the pilot

• 12 new closed deals per technician per year (based on 1-month metrics)

“I found Gopher Leads very intuitive. At the click of a button, I could assign leads, approve deals and see detailed insights on my people and the program.”

– Donovan Dias VP Sales CityWest, Canada

“I like the simplicity. It is very quick to submit a lead to sales. I can track that lead and communicate all the way until it closes.”

– Devin Wall, Community Channel Manager CityWest, Canada

“I now have all my leads from the frontline tracked in one place. I also get notified every- time I have a new lead. It’s great!”

– Debbie Kennedy Salesperson CityWest, Canada