Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Sales


Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Sales

Artificial Intelligence: The future of sales

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) research and development has become more prevalent in the software industry. Several companies have spent millions of dollars on building AI that now takes over a lot of simple jobs we do every day. When you are looking for a place to eat, you can just ask Apple’s Siri, “Where should I go for dinner?”  When you want to play Chess against someone but have no one to play with, you can just ask IBM’s “Deep Blue” to play with you. Although today’s AI cannot do everything, what if it could simplify the sales process for a company? What if Artificial Intelligence: The future of sales

AI is slowly becoming a bigger part of our society, and here at Gopher Leads we are researching ways that AI can be used in lead generation.  With several companies (such as IBM) releasing their AI systems as development tools for startups and other companies in the software industry, we brainstormed the best ways that AI could be used in Gopher. We came up with following two new revolutionary ways for AI to help you and your sales team here at Gopher.

1. Lead Sorting

Sales Managers on the Gopher platform have a very important role: sorting and supplying leads to their
salespeople.  Leads that enter the sales cycle through Gopher start out in the Manager’s lead feed; It is at their discretion whether the lead has enough information or not that’s when they can assign it to a salesperson. But what if AI could do this task for them?

 We believe that AI can potentially ease the Sales manager’s role by taking over approving a lead and assigning it to a salesperson. Using Machine Learning (an AI dynamically learns what is “good” and “bad” based off of the feedback given to it about its decisions), the AI can be trained to decide what is a good lead and what leads need more information before they can be worked on.  We could even use photo recognition to determine what a good lead is based on.  The AI system could also filter out leads that were too far out of a companies jurisdiction to become a potential customer, or it could validate if the phone number in the description is real or not. Perhaps it could even do a quick google search on the information in the description to provide related websites and articles for the salesperson.

As for sorting leads, an AI system at Gopher could determine which leads a salesperson works best on, and assign similar leads to that salesperson.  It would make sure to balance out the workload so all salespeople were receiving an equal share of leads.  I mean, wouldn’t it be nice knowing that your sales team has a bunch of leads that they work best on?


2. Lead Generation

You might be thinking to yourself, “how would an AI generate leads on Gopher?” Would it be a robot just walking down the street taking pictures of everything it sees? We came to a consensus that doing that would be too “
Terminatoresque” and possibly scare the good people of Toronto. But an AI doesn’t need to work on the streets to find good leads for your company to work on.

What if you had your own Gopher AI constantly searching the web for new leads your company could act on?  An AI could search for keywords relevant to leads your interested in.  As the AI brings leads to your company, you can accept and reject the leads appropriately, and by machine learning, you are teaching the AI what leads it should be looking for.  This Gopher AI would be your own frontline worker on the internet!

Artificial intelligence can play a strong role in the lead generation and sales industry. If you think that the features above would be helpful to your sales team or if you have any ideas of how AI can be used in the sales industry, tweet your ideas @gopherleads. We would love to see what you come up with! Stay tuned for our next novel: Artificial Intelligence: The future of sales