Waste Connections

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Gopher Leads Helps Waste Connections Realize Driver Potential

Waste Connections provides waste services to commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers across North America.

To help increase the number of leads in their sales pipeline, Waste Connections of Canada rolled out a Gopher Leads campaign to an Ontario district in mid-2016.

Key Objectives

- Increase sales pipeline activity

– Sell more services to existing customers

– Knockout competitor bins in neighbouring locations

– Engage drivers and improve communication across the whole company

Score Card & Findings

- 17.9% Sales conversion rate from lead capture to successfully closed business

– Leads breakdown: 20% new location and 80% service upgrade

– Communication throughout the division was strengthened, drivers and salespeople worked more closely

– Over 2 new deals per driver that didn’t exist in the past

– Higher margin deals by finding new business on existing routes

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