Gopher Leads Helps Telus Increase Sales by Tapping into Frontline Employees to Generate Lead Referrals

Telus Communications provides Wireless and Internet services across Canada, along with TV and Home Phone services across Canada.

Telus wanted to increase the number of leads in their sales pipeline by incentivizing their technicians. To do so they rolled out a Gopher Leads campaign to their Western district in early-2017.

Key Objectives

– Increase sales through an in-field referral program for technicians

– Sell more new services to existing customers

– Help the sales and technician teams communicate better and close deals faster

– Integrate with existing CRM and sales process

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Score Card & Findings

- 41% Sales conversion rate from lead capture to new closed-won business

– Median time from lead generation to sale was under 5 days with the fastest lead closing in only 1.6hrs

– Communication throughout the division was strengthened, drivers and salespeople now work together

– 38% of technicians actively sent leads within the first 2 months of the pilot

– 1.81 successful new deals per technician per year

– 144 new deals won through Gopher Leads in 3 months