Campaign Success Story

ORCA develops, manufactures and markets a food waste solution, which consists of a machine that sustainably processes food waste, and an extensive service plan to ensure clients get the support and attention they need. The ORCA machine enables rapid composting of most organic material in institutional and commercial end-user applications, after which the liquid effluent is safely discharged into the municipal sewage system.

Business Challenges

• ORCA needed a way to quickly grow their sales pipeline, customers and sales.
• Their sales team needed access to relevant and warm leads.
• In the past, team members had to manually email or call in interest from potential customers.


• Increase in the number of highly relevant leads.
• Quick turn around from lead generation to lead conversion.
• Set performance goals were met and measured.
• Communication across the whole organization was strengthened.

Our Solution

ORCA needed a way to view customer data and optimize sales schedules in a shorter amount of time. Gopher Leads enabled them to get a “google map view” of all of their sales data inside of their current CRM; Salesforce. This made it easy for employees to capture leads using Gopher, and act on them in Salesforce. With Gopher Leads, ORCA was able to prioritize their client accounts and optimize schedules, while also making stronger sales pitches by showing nearby customers and new leads on a map in real time.

“The Gopher campaign at ORCA truly opened our eyes to the potential we had on the frontline. The ability to set goals and measure this potential makes the platform very special.”
– Spiro F, Director of Business Development