How a picture is worth $72,000?

How a picture is worth $72,000?

30 Mar How a picture is worth $72,000?

No, we’re not entering the collectable art business!

Usually, when you hear a picture is worth $72,000, you assume it was the work of a famous artist. Well, that’s not quite the case with Gopher Leads. Below are 3 of our most interesting high value leads captured on the frontline.

A picture worth $60,000 per year!

This lead was submitted by a staff member of one of our clients in the Environmental Services industry.  The picture was taken in May and resulted in a closed deal by the beginning of June. After the deal went through, sales valued the new business lead at $60,000 per year!



A picture worth $72,000

A member of the service personnel of another client, an environmental services company, identified an interested potential buyer. By capturing a quick snapshot of the prospects contact info using the Gopher mobile app, he created tremendous value for his business and in turn made some money himself. He submitted the contact info for this prospect to his sales team in December and by late January, the prospect had agreed to a 5-year, $72,000 deal!


A new Tesla dealership! 

A truck driver for yet another client, an environmental services company, identified a new Tesla dealership in his territory, a new prospective customer for his company. He sent in this lead on his drive from his route at 6AM and the company’s capable sales team was able to acquire the exciting new customer within a few weeks. Our client is pleased to have, Tesla, one of the highest quality brands in the marketplace as a customer!



And there you have it. It’s very powerful and truly amazing to witness a quick picture captured from your day-to-day routine, could result in nearly $100,000 in new business for your company. The tremendous potential in simply connecting your frontline to your sales team can significantly improve your business and its bottom line. We are always scouring our Gopher Leads database for interesting, valuable, and educational lead stories to share.  If you would like to learn more about a Gopher campaign for your organization, we are always here for you.