Highlights of Siemens’ Frontline Lead Program

Highlights of Siemens’ Frontline Lead Program

05 Oct Highlights of Siemens’ Frontline Lead Program

Siemens Program Manager, Debbie Pryer, discusses the ins and outs of their innovative lead generation strategy at MarketingSherpa‘s Lead Gen Summit in San Francisco.  She gave us a glimpse into the challenges, insights, and results of leveraging the frontline service technicians to generate leads. Debbie is truly an expert and visionary in her field, that is why we summed up her valuable knowledge on lead generation and management . Don’t worry if you missed the event, we have created a highlight reel of some of the major takeaways below.

Some highlights from the video:

- 1200  Siemens Service Engineers interacting with the customer face to face every day.

- Frontline Service Engineers know exactly what the customer wants, how can the organization capitalize on this?

- Over the course of the program, Siemens went from a few hundred to 3000 to 12 000 to 16 000 leads!

- Overarching goal: bring sales and service together around the customer.

- Focus on lead quality and the importance of prequalification.

- Always share success stories from the frontline lead generation campaign. Celebrate your results!

If you’re interested in creating a frontline lead program for your business click learn more below.

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