Gopher Leads made sales and operations work together to win more business

09 Jun Gopher Leads made sales and operations work together to win more business

This is part 2 of 2 of the testimonial we have received from one of our initial beta customers. For the first part of the post click here: keeping pipeline fresh via consistent frontline prospecting.

Part 2 – Working together to win new business as a team!

What Jonny, a business development specialist, has found really exciting about Gopher Leads is the bonding experience with the operations team.

Everyone loves being involved in winning!” Gopher has made the whole team have an appreciation for how hard everyone’s working to win more business. While drivers and other folks in operations are gaining more respect for how hard selling is, the sales team is gaining a lot of respect for the amazing quality of the leads that the drivers are sending in from the field.

Here’s just one of many examples to illustrate this fruitful collaboration:
Ennio, an operations specialist, sent an interesting lead form an industrial plaza. When Jonny went to the plaza the next day, he noticed lots of other bins at other loading docks in the plaza: other potential leads. So he thought: “why isn’t Ennio sending these in as leads?” When Jonny looked more closely inside these other bins, he realized that the bins didn’t have the right material in them. So as soon as he got back to the office he went over to Ennio’s and asked him: “how come you didn’t send the other bins as leads?” He said: “Well I qualified them and made sure that the leads I send in are up to the standards we’re looking for.” The whole sales team has so much respect for the guys’ work!He is so good at qualifying the leads before sending them in.”

Everyone at the company, Sales and Operations, feels like they are a part of the process and see value in the Gopher Leads system.