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Sales Lessons: The Rule of 78

04 May Sales Lessons: The Rule of 78

If you are a subscription revenue company (e.g. telecom, utilities, and real estate service providers), there is a good chance you charge recurring monthly or annual fees. These fees ultimately equate to your annual revenue as a company. As an executive, there is a powerful rule of thumb to consider when measuring the revenue impact...

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7 Ways to Optimize Your Sales Performance

29 Jan 7 Ways to Optimize Your Sales Performance

"Some of the most effective sales performance optimization strategies are counter-intuitive, running in the face of conventional sales wisdom." - Ken Thompson An integral part of increasing your bottom line comes down to maximizing your sales team's financial performance. The key to this is how your team executes and uses the available resources....

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21 Jan Optimize your CRM

Proper sales management and technology (including CRM implementation) is part of building a stable foundation for your business. In order to grow your company, you must constantly be on the hunt for solid new business opportunities - these are your leads.  More importantly, it is how you manage and nurture these leads that translate...

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01 Dec Best CRM Software Comparison

At Gopher, we are masters of lead generation. However, when leads come in, it is how you manage them that converts them into business. This past month we have been very busy with inbound customers and searching for the right Customer Relationship Management. In the process of choosing a CRM,...

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