Our New Driver Safety Initiative

01 May Our New Driver Safety Initiative

This morning, we released exciting news coverage on our new Driver Safety Initiative! With a recent upgrade to our technology, Gopher Leads can now ensure road safety via intelligent driver safety features in our mobile app. Ever since we started Gopher Leads, our top concern has been driver road safety for users...

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New Features

08 Jun New Features at Gopher Leads

With all the excellent feedback we have received from our beta clients, Gopher has undergone several stunning improvements.  The team at Gopher has been working hard on new features, bug fixes and overall maintenance to improve your Gopher Leads experience. We are excited to say that we have released new versions...

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Fix Up Toronto

11 May Fix Up Toronto

Gopher Leads is blessed to have our headquarters in Toronto. Over the past 5 years, we have watched our beautiful city develop, becoming largely recognized on a global scale. Vibrant Toronto has a diverse population of wonderful citizens and is continuing to grow exponentially. Now Gopher Leads wants to present them with an innovative way to...

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28 Mar Gopher Highlights – March 2016

With the first day of spring, March has been a blooming month at Gopher Leads. Our most exciting news from this month was our beta launch to the public. The launch generated a lot of hype and we are on-boarding several new companies with many more interested. Along with the launch, one...

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WasteDive features us on Homepage

07 Mar WasteDive features us on Homepage

Today, we got coverage from an industry publication which we have a ton of respect for: WasteDive. Ever since we started Gopher Leads, we've been reading Waste Dive and other IndustryDive newsletter daily emails. They contain fantastic industry news, they are presented very well and summarized for busy readers.  We certainly recommend them to...

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Gopher Leads takes on Beta Clients

02 Mar Gopher Leads takes on Beta Clients

Press Release: Lead-Gen Startup Gopher Leads Shifts into Beta We are excited to announce that we are rolling out our limited beta in the U.S. and Canada. This mean we are accepting a number of early customers to trial our new lead generation platform. We believe that the frontline of a business has tremendous untapped...

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