Capture and Track Business Leads at DX3


15 Mar Capture and Track Business Leads at DX3

The Gopher Leads team spent last week at Canada’s leading technology, digital marketing and retail event, DX3. Thanks to the wonderful folks at PayPal, we were able to exhibit our platform amongst an amazing crowd of innovators at the event.
The DX3 conference was a great opportunity to network and use our own Gopher Leads technology in action. While demoing the platform to fellow DX3 guests, we also used it for its intended purposes…capturing leads, business cards and contact information! It was a great way to track and capture business contacts with context, nice and simple in real time.
Below is the number of leads from the 2-day event (pink line).  As you can see using Gopher Leads allowed us and some of our sales team (not at the event) to triage, assign and action relevant leads immediately! The grey line shows the disqualified leads who were excellent contacts but there was no immediate follow-up action necessary.
image (9)
Generated automatically by the Gopher Leads platform
Here’s a breakdown of our own team’s performance for the day!
image (10)
Generated automatically by the Gopher Leads platform
As you can see, the team and performance analytics the Gopher Leads platform generated from the DX3 Conference is another amazing reason why it is great for events and management teams.
And just to show the contrast from what traditional event referral and lead tracking used to look like…prior to Gopher. Below is what a lead in the Gopher Leads platform looks like. There is no need to write on the back of business cards anymore or confront a large stack of irrelevant cards in your suitcase when you get back. Now all the leads you capture at events are waiting for you on the platform, with context, organized and ready for action!
All in all, it was an awesome couple of days at the DX3 Summit. We plan to exhibit our Technology at the 2018 conference next year. We also hope to see many of the guests attending next year using Gopher Leads to capture their contacts in the most simple, organized, and trackable manner possible. If you’d like to learn more about using Gopher Leads at your next event, we are always here for you.