Canada Fibers




Campaign Success Story

Canada Fibers – Urban Waste Recycling provides customers with integrated environmental solutions. Whether it is waste management or recycling, their commitment is providing complete solutions and sustainable products to organizations looking to improve their environmental and sustainability performance.

Business Challenges

• Revenue growth: in a small upstart division.
• Needed a way to bridge the sales and service delivery teams via a communications platform.
• Low Route density (less pick ups and more distance covered to achieve profitability; drivers specially compactor drivers on the road for long distances Whitby to Oakville)
• A solution that was easy to use, engaging, and flexible enough to integrate into the company’s existing IT infrastructure.


• High engagement from the frontline: In the first month, 70 Quality leads, 8 Proposals resulting in 2 Deals Won (2-3X the industry standard).
• The Sales team could now focus on closing leads rather than sourcing them.
• Their frontline and sales team built excellent camaraderie, strengthening communication across the whole company.

Our Solution

Canada Fibers needed a way to bring their whole company together strengthening lines of communication to keep their whole team on the same page. Gopher leads enabled this through our mobile app and web platform. We worked closely with the client to define parameters of a lead referral campaign while integrating the platform uniquely to their needs. We shared best practices that became part of their strategy, continuously providing customer service, engagement, and onboarding resources to help manage the whole campaign. As a result, Canada Fibers Ltd was able to achieve an influx of new business opportunities and results that speak for themselves.

“Gopher Leads brought us together as a company, meanwhile results have been amazing too. We’re closing at double the rate of the industry average.”
- Dawn K, Senior Business Development Manager