04 Nov The Future of Waste Management

“As people in the waste industry have become more comfortable using technology, mobile and the cloud in their personal lives, it has made it easier for them to use it productively at work. I expect this trend to continue in coming years, and as younger professionals rise to increasingly prominent...

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04 Nov Ways to Advance Your Sales Process

The success of your company is largely dependent on your processes. No matter what your business is delivering, optimizing your sales process will provide many benefits. Gopher has some ideas on how to do this. To start, you must use every advantage possible to generate quality leads. In order to convert these leads to revenue, they must be...

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Gopher Leads - Modern Cityscape

06 Aug Introducing Gopher Leads

Hello and thanks for your visit and welcome to our blog. We are the team behind Gopher - the app that gets your frontline online! Let me start introducing Gopher Leads by describing our credo: We believe that the frontline of a business has tremendous untapped potential to generate quality leads. The frontline...

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