02 Mar Gopher Leads takes on Beta Clients

Press Release: Lead-Gen Startup Gopher Leads Shifts into Beta We are excited to announce that we are rolling out our limited beta in the U.S. and Canada. This mean we are accepting a number of early customers to trial our new lead generation platform. We believe that the frontline of a business has tremendous untapped...

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26 Feb Gopher Highlights – Feb 2016

February has been an exciting month at Gopher Leads. We have been focused on putting the finishing touches on the platform for our exclusive beta launch. On the media side we've been working closely with Leap PR, preparing for our first press release going out next week! After all the hard work Gopher Leads is finally...

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29 Jan 7 Ways to Optimize Your Sales Performance

"Some of the most effective sales performance optimization strategies are counter-intuitive, running in the face of conventional sales wisdom." - Ken Thompson An integral part of increasing your bottom line comes down to maximizing your sales team's financial performance. The key to this is how your team executes and uses the available resources....

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21 Jan Optimize your CRM

Proper sales management and technology (including CRM implementation) is part of building a stable foundation for your business. In order to grow your company, you must constantly be on the hunt for solid new business opportunities - these are your leads.  More importantly, it is how you manage and nurture these leads that translate...

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12 Jan Best of 2015

What a year! A lot has happened since Gopher Leads formed in August, and the team is excitingly passionate to move into 2016. Already this year, Gopher Leads has been meeting the demand of many new clients and is about to begin piloting with some outstanding companies. In 2015, we wrote and came across some...

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16 Dec Making Your Strategy Work

"Even the most brilliant strategy is worth nothing if it isn’t executed well, especially by your front line — the employees who interact daily with your customers."- Harvard Business Review Executives responsible for organizational strategy often forget the importance of their frontline employees. While in fact, your frontline workers have the power...

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01 Dec Best CRM Software Comparison

At Gopher, we are masters of lead generation. However, when leads come in, it is how you manage them that converts them into business. This past month we have been very busy with inbound customers and searching for the right Customer Relationship Management. In the process of choosing a CRM,...

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24 Nov Gopher Highlights – November 2015

November has been a busy month at Gopher. Along the way we have come across some pretty cool articles we thought you'd enjoy reading. Check out our favourites from the past month; For all the entourage fans out there! Adrian Grenier is helping collect e-waste around NYC! -- Via In the...

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04 Nov The Future of Waste Management

“As people in the waste industry have become more comfortable using technology, mobile and the cloud in their personal lives, it has made it easier for them to use it productively at work. I expect this trend to continue in coming years, and as younger professionals rise to increasingly prominent...

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04 Nov Ways to Advance Your Sales Process

The success of your company is largely dependent on your processes. No matter what your business is delivering, optimizing your sales process will provide many benefits. Gopher has some ideas on how to do this. To start, you must use every advantage possible to generate quality leads. In order to convert these leads to revenue, they must be...

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