08 Sep Recruiting: Full-Stack Developer

Gopher Leads is growing and ​we're changing the way enterprises rally up their employees behind great initiatives. We're looking for a full-stack developer to join our fast-paced and growing team. We want you or a friend to come help build this great company with us. We've created #GopherRecruit to pay you $500 for referring ​to us a...

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Run a better fleet

03 Aug How to Run a Better Fleet

The key to running a better fleet is a happier fleet. We at Gopher Leads have put together 3 ways to make your drivers feel more fulfilled in their job. Every executive knows that one of the keys to a lucrative business are your customer facing employees. Ensuring they are happy enables them to perform...

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New Features

08 Jun New Features at Gopher Leads

With all the excellent feedback we have received from our beta clients, Gopher has undergone several stunning improvements.  The team at Gopher has been working hard on new features, bug fixes and overall maintenance to improve your Gopher Leads experience. We are excited to say that we have released new versions...

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11 May Fix Up Toronto

Gopher Leads is blessed to have our headquarters in Toronto. Over the past 5 years, we have watched our beautiful city develop, becoming largely recognized on a global scale. Vibrant Toronto has a diverse population of wonderful citizens and is continuing to grow exponentially. Now Gopher Leads wants to present them with an innovative way to...

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04 May Sales Lessons: The Rule of 78

If you are a subscription revenue company (e.g. telecom, utilities, and real estate service providers), there is a good chance you charge recurring monthly or annual fees. These fees ultimately equate to your annual revenue as a company. As an executive, there is a powerful rule of thumb to consider when measuring the revenue impact...

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