An Interview With a Driver at Progressive Waste Solutions

An Interview With a Driver at Progressive Waste Solutions

14 Feb An Interview With a Driver at Progressive Waste Solutions

Recently, Gopher Leads had a chance to catch up with Juan, a truck driver with Progressive Waste Solutions in Ontario who is actively using the Gopher app to share leads from his routes. While on a call with him a few weeks ago, Juan shared his insightful thoughts on what it means to truly bring value to customers and his company. Our call with Juan illustrates the outcome and importance of allowing your whole team to participate in and contribute to the growth of the overall company.

Juan has been using the Gopher Leads app to identify and capture solid business opportunities for his company, Progressive Waste Solutions. After only one month he is ecstatic about the simplicity of the app and the results the app has allowed him to deliver to Progressive.

Our phone conversation started with one simple question:

Before you used the Gopher Leads app, what were some of the challenges that you had?

“When a lead came up it was usually us calling our dispatch, getting some sales person who covered the area, and they would contact me or I would get their number. But it wouldn’t be so quick and smooth how the app is working. It would take days before anyone got a hold of anybody. Mind you we are driving and for us to stop for 15-20 minutes to talk to a sales person… it just created more stress, nor would we benefit from it afterwards. The only compensation we’d really get is a Timmy’s card and some of us don’t even drink coffee haha.”

Anything we could do to make your life even easier?

“The app is a really simple to use. I’m getting a quick response from my sales manager. I mean everything just goes smooth and falls into place. I take the picture you guys respond within hours. Today, I put one in this morning and got a response within 15 minutes.”

Has the app actually helped you send in leads from the field?

“Of course, I mean it takes less than a minute to send. Most of the cases the GPS is correct and it’s really simple. It’s just directing the sales to where the lead is in the description…It’s literally a minute. It’s a really simple app to use, being on the frontline, being out there driving and seeing the opportunities…it’s a very simple app to use. The response from my team is fast like I show my wife every day because I really like the app. I go look they wanna give me more money, hey I got no problem with that!”

Would you recommend us to a friend or a colleague?

“Actually I have, I mentioned it to my brother in law because he owns a service company that could greatly benefit from Gopher Leads.”

Do you think this initiative makes you feel more fulfilled in your role and closer to your company as a whole?

“Of course, I mean that’s what it’s all about. Our job is a long lasting career right? So the way I look at is if I can improve the company. It’s only me, I’m only just a truck driver picking up garbage but if I can improve the company in a little bit I improve myself and we’re all making money from the bottom to the top. We’re all gonna make money, it is irrelevant who you are. A manager thanked me today for the leads this morning, I told him you don’t have to thank me, man…It’s you in the office and me in my truck. You make money, I make money, the company makes money, everybody is happy and we can enjoy the end result of it. It’s really simple. It’s common sense to me.”

Seeing Juan’s drive and ambition to help his company motivates us with our efforts at Gopher Leads. We thank Juan for his contributions and are looking forward to celebrating him and more team members like him for their excellent contributions.

Gopher Leads provides a systematic and engaging Driver Lead solution for waste haulers like Progressive Waste Solutions. If you would like to learn more about creating a frontline lead program at your business, contact us today to see how we could be of service to your organization!